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Navigating Covid

Click here to access the Navigating Covid resource Please see the Navigating Covid resource above. Contact the office or 811 if you would like to discuss further.

Healthspan for the Lifespan!

My perspective on productivity and mindset: How many of us have anticipated retiring from our “productive” work life at about 65, after about 35 years of working life, and then coasting into a life of relative leisure?

Flu Shot – Consent Form

Immunization Consent Please download the above consent form.  If you are able to send it prior to your appointment, that would be most helpful.  If not, please bring the completed form to your Flu Shot appointment.  Please ensure a form is filled out for each person...

COVID-19 Patient Health Screening

Due to the increasing nature of community transmission with COVID-19, we ask you to fill out this form prior to your appointment to help keep each other safe. Anyone who will be attending an in-person appointment at Dr. Susan's Integrative Family Medicine MUST fill...

Flu Season

Flu Season It’s the dreaded Flu Season (October through May). Dr. Susan recommends the flu shot for all her patients. Common cold vs Flu Tips for combating the flu: 1. Get the flu shot 2. Hand Hygiene – wash your hands often and for a...

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Plan

Welcome to our blog with Dr. Susan’s Integrative Family Medicine. Seeing as this is our first blog, let’s get right down to the core of healing ourselves from the inside out: The gut. Creating a healthy gut is often the first initiative we can take when we want to...

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