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The current state of the pandemic is increasing the load on our already over-burdened healthcare system.  We need to make some serious changes to daily living and take action now to protect the future for ourselves, our families, and our economy.

Effective Monday, the clinic will be initiating a voluntary 3 week shut down.  What does this mean?
Current appointments will be changed to phone calls if possible. Routine lab work after November 24th will be rescheduled until after December 14th. Necessary in-person appointments (lab and with Dr. Susan) will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.  Cheylynn and Tania will both be available by phone and will begin alternating days in the office during this period.

We are also encouraging our patients and their families to take part in this shutdown.  You can partake by committing to limit your close contacts to people who live in your household only. Limit the time out of your home to essential trips only – groceries and time-sensitive medical care.  Do not eat out, go to the gym or anything that requires you to open your circle of close contacts.

A close contact is defined as:
• Someone who you are within 6 feet of for a combined total of 15 minutes or more during a 24-hour period
• Regardless of whether you are masked, or unmasked.

If you have an appointment within the next 3 weeks, Cheylynn on Tania will contact you to discuss details.

With clean hands and warm hearts,

(Dr.) Susan, Tania, Cheylynn, and Agnes